Welcome to my Blog!!

I want to thank you for visiting my blog and taking the time to read this. For those of you who don’t know me, my name is McKailyn and I originally started the idea for this blog with my boyfriend Logan Boulet. Many of you may know him from the Humboldt Broncos. He passed away on April 7th from a brain injury sustained in the bus crash. He is my hero as well as a hero to many others as he is well known for donating his organs before his passing.


I have wanted to start a blog for a few years now and when I mentioned the idea to Logan he immediately jumped onboard and started coming up with all of these ideas and directions I could go. So I talked to my friend Joel Lewis who is currently working in the film and photography industry. I wanted to know if this was even a possibility. He helped me immediately and supported my ideas. He showed me how to go about actually creating and designing my own blog. Logan and I were really excited about the idea and decided we would work on it during the summer when he came home from his last season with the bronco’s and hoped to have it up and running for Fall of 2018.


Logan came up with the name “A Lazy Girl’s Guide to Survival” because if you know me, I pretty much live off of the philosophy work smarter, not harder. When Logan was home in Lethbridge or when I would visit him in Humboldt we always spent lazy Sunday’s together competing in name that tune, catching up on one of our many tv shows, or just sitting outside and chatting. He decided he wanted to create a podcast called Lazy Sunday’s with Logan. If you don’t know Logan personally, he loves podcasts. Every time we went on a road trip together, he would beg me to let him play some podcast from Spittin’ Chicklets – which I found extremely uninteresting. I preferred music but then he went and found me some really great podcasts that tailored to my interests.


After the crash, I honestly forgot about this idea we had come up with until one night in late September I had a dream and he told me to finish the blog. I truly believe this was a sign from him so I’ve been working hard to finish this project for him. I’ve been caught at a stand still, trying to find a way to honour him and make him proud, I believe this blog will do just that.


If you choose to come back, I will be sharing things about me, my grief journey, recipes, crafts, life hacks, stories about Logan and the Broncos. So I welcome you to follow me through my grief journey and ultimately this journey we call life.