50 Facts About Me

 I have been recieving so many messages that I thought everyone might want to get to know me better. I have come up with some very random but very true facts about me. I hope this gives you all more understanding of who I am and that I’m just your average twenty-one year old. The blogs that I’m interested in, I feel like I can realte with the main speaker in some way. I hope you can relate to me and find comfort in my grief journey and realize that if you are experiencing something similar, that you are not alone.

1.     My favourite song is Bobcaygeon by The Tragically Hip

2.     My favourite band is Blink 182


3.     My favourite color is a mix of blue and purple -plue?

4.     I am a movie junkie -I’ll even go to theatres by myself

5.     My roommates and I hid a cat in our dorm room in my first year of university, his name is Puff


6.     My first date was with Logan when we were 14 and we went to a movie called Hugo

7.     My sister and I have the same birthday and we are 5 years apart


8.     My favourite food is chicken chow mien

9.     My favourite movie is Dear John


10. I have been to over 30 concerts

11. Yes, I am a natural blond


12. I have blue eyes

13. My arms are double jointed

14. I used to have a lazy eye

15. I tore my ACL twice

16. I love watersports but I hate swimsuits


17. I can eat a whole pound of bacon

18. My favourite place is New York City


19. I have two tattoos

20. I’m addicted to Lululemon

21. I have WAY too many shoes


22. My lucky number is 4 … and of course 27

23. I love butterflies

24. My brother is one of my best friends even though we are 8 years apart


25. My second favourite food is Minestrone soup

26. I’m a better baker than my mom

27. I have naturally curly hair


28. I am a Harry Potter nerd

29. I am self conscious about my teeth

30. I love cats and dogs equally -if that’s allowed

My dog Ziggy

My dog Ziggy

31. I love organizing things

32. I love decorating EVERYTHING

33. I collect weird flavours of pop


34. I try to get a street drawing of myself, everywhere I travel

35. I am 5’1 and a half

36. My biggest fears are snakes and the dark

37. My favourite YouTuber’s are Cole and Sav

38. My middle name is Sydney after my Papa Syd (my mom’s dad)


39. I only wear white socks

40. My feet are so small, I can buy kids shoes

41. I hate the beach because I despise when sand gets all over my body and I can never get it off

42. One of my favourite things about myself are my eyes

43. I want to change the world

44. My favourite Disney character is Tinkerbell


45. I watch way too much TV

46. If I could have any superpower I would want to be able to read, write, speak, and understand any and every language in the world

47. My mom is the first person I call about anything good or bad that happens to me


48. I believe in love at first sight

49. A fault of mine is that I am stubborn and hold grudges

50. My favourite junk food is chips