How to Become an Organ Donor

My video blog post this week talked about why I decided to become an organ donor. But I want to show you guys how you can go about actually becoming an organ donor yourself! I am NOT a doctor and I do NOT work for any organ donation foundation. The information below is what I have acquired from personal experience and research.



The first way to become an organ donor is the lazy girl way! Find your Provincial Health Care Card, flip it over and sign your name. (MUST BE 18 YEARS OF AGE) The card also provides you with options of what you would like to be donated. List your preferences if you have any. Congratulations! You are officially an organ donor! (Please know the information I’m sharing with you is specific to Alberta, Canada and the process may differ province to province.)


But you are technically not registered yet.. The above way is called Intent to Donate but to become a legally registered donor you have to fill out some paper work that can be found online via this website:



OR you can print off the consent form, sign it, date it, and have someone sign as a witness, mail it in and VIOLA! (or if you live nearby a Registry Agent Office you can do it there also.) But if you’re lazy like me then you can easily fill out the Donor Registration Consent form from the comfort of your bedroom.



It’s important to share your wishes with your family if this is something you want to do. In the event of your death, your family may be responsible for decisions surrounding your death and the organ retrieval. Make sure you read about the Donation process and fully understand before signing to become a donor.



Becoming an organ donor is an amazing way to help save other people in the event of your passing but it’s also an extremely personal choice. Become a donor only if you want to. If you don’t want to that’s okay. There are also other ways to help, for example donating blood or even becoming a live donor.


For more information about Organ Donation visit this website or talk to your family doctor!