Pro Tips for Thrift Shopping


1.    Have an idea of what you’re looking for! Second hand stores usually have A LOT of stuff and it can be overwhelming and you’ll probably end up getting way too much stuff that might not actually be good quality. 

2.    Make sure you have time! Thrift shopping takes time because you actually have to look through everything and when you think you’ve found something, make sure you inspect it for holes, bugs, rips, stains, ect.. remember it is a second hand store. You might come across a gem with its tags still on but remember these are all donated items and they aren’t always washed or cleaned properly. 


3.    Location location location! There are the name brand thrift shops like value village or Salvation Army (go to the ones in the high end neighbourhoods, because you’ll find more high end items) but don’t be afraid of tiny thrift shops, usually they are run by a religious organization or older folks and their prices are lower and if you look hard enough you’ll find some good stuff! 

Boots I bought from a thrift store!

Boots I bought from a thrift store!

4.    Don’t be afraid to check out the men’s section! They usually have nicer items than the women! BE THRIFTY! I guarantee you’ll find Levi jeans that can be cut into shorts or capris! The men’s section also has retro sweaters and flannel which happens to be in right now! 

5.    Check the racks by the dressing rooms! People usually try on really nice clothes and then decide against it because it doesn’t fit! 


6.    Thrift shops are great for more than just clothes! You can get furniture for a steal of a deal! And as I’ve said before BE THRIFTY! Check out Pinterest on some great ways to refurbish all kinds of furniture! Great for a student on a budget! Lots of house hold items that can be cleaned and used like new! I’ve found beautiful china at thrift stores! Also they can have really nice artwork, Mirrors, and posters! Also picture frames that are cheaper than any other store I’ve seen. 


7.    Have an open mind and you’ll have fun! My mom is terrified of bugs or mice hiding in second hand items but be careful and look over everything before you purchase it.


8. WASH WHATEVER YOU BUY! As soon as you get home clean whatever you have bought because you don’t know where it came from!