Dear Logan - 22 Things I Love About You

Dear Logan,


Happy Birthday my love. 22 will not be the same without you. Since you’re not here for me to get you a gift, I wrote you a letter instead. Here are 22 things that I love about you:


1.     I love your eyes

2.     I love when you hold my hand

3.     I love that you read the newspaper everyday to keep up on current events

4.     I love that you want to make a positive difference in the world (you did it #loganbouleteffect)

5.     I love how witty you are and that you can always put a smile on my face or make me laugh

6.     I love your taste in music

7.     I love that you always sing in the car and loudly I might add

8.     I love that you care about culture and art

9.     I love that you truly care about others

10. I love it when you make French toast – it’s the best ever

11. I love when you laugh so hard that you start to wheeze and slap your chest

12. I love it when you tease the guys and get a rise out of all of them at once and everyone ends up laughing

13. I love that you always give me an honest opinion about things

14. I love that you let me douse our popcorn in dill pickle seasoning every time we watch a movie

15. I love that you ask me for advice on things that are important to you

16. I love your work ethic

17. I love watching you play hockey

18. I love that you are willing to eat literally anything

19. I love how incredibly smart you are and that you practice math in your spare time

20. I love how competitive you get even if we are just playing cards

21. I love how adventurous you are

22. I love you




(To my readers today is a very difficult day for me and I was not feeling up for a vlog, but check back next Saturday to see my Mexico Vlog! Thanks for keeping up with me through my journey.)