25 Life Hacks To Live By

1.     Put a nylon over your vacuum to find tiny lost items like earrings

2.     Remove gross unpleasant odours in smelly shoes by placing dry teabags in them and leaving them overnight

3.     Put clear nail polish at the site of tear in your nylons, it will stop it from tearing all the way up or unravelling (works with buttons too)

4.     Make homemade ice packs by adding 1 part rubbing alcohol and 3 parts water in a Ziploc bag. It will get hold but not hard, so you can easily wrap it around body parts

5.     If you ever clog a public toilet and there is no plunger, pour some liquid soap in and let it sit for about 5 minutes. It should flush easily, this could save you some embarrassment some day

6.     Placing an envelope in the fridge for an hour should unseal it, great if you forgot to add something in a letter or package

7.     Accidentally text the wrong person? Put your phone on airplane mode and once it fails to deliver, delete the message

8.     Exhale as much air as possible to suppress laughter at inappropriate times

9.     Accidentally get deodorant on a shirt? Rub a dryer sheet over the area to remove it

10. Thoughts keeping you up at night? Try writing them down, it allows your brain to release them and clears your head so you can sleep

11. Make a playlist as long as you plan to exercise or study. This will make you focus more on your task at hand and keep you from constantly looking at the time.

12. Write down a list of your positive attributes, skills, things you love about yourself and read it a couple times a day to decrease anxiety and promote self love

13. Microwaving lemons, limes, oranges, or grapefruits for 15 seconds can increase the amount of juice you get from them

14. Sore throat? Staring to feel sick? Boil water and add lemon and honey. This will help combat those pesky sick bugs. Also tastes good cold!

15. If you ever think you are being followed, take 4 right turns in a row, it will form a circle and confirm your suspicions of being followed

16. If you ever get stuffed into the truck of a car, try to kick out the tail lights and wave your hand through it. Or disconnect the wires so their lights aren’t working and hopefully a cop will pull them over

17. If you’re walking alone at night, call someone this will help ease your nerves and if something happens, they can call the police

18. In a public bathroom, the stall that is closest to the door is usually the cleanest because people think it is most used so less people use it

19. How to tell if your spaghetti is cooked? Throw it against a wall and if it sticks then it’s ready to eat!

20. Use a piece of raw spaghetti to light candles so you don’t have to get close to the flame and burn yourself

21. Try to fill up your gas tank early in the morning or later at night when it’s cooler to get more gas in the tank

22. Want to watch a movie with someone? Ask what their favourite movie is and after they tell you, say you haven’t seen it. They will probably ask you to watch it with them

23. If you are buying headphones or speakers, test them out with Bohemian Rhapsody, the song has complete range of highs and lows with vocals and instruments

24. Get caught doing something embarrassing in public? Tell the people around you that you lost a bet

25. Follow the two-minute rule! If you see something that needs doing and it can be completed within two minutes, just do it!