Open When Letters

Last year, I decided to take a year off of school in between finishing my diploma and starting my degree. I wanted to travel during my time off and ended up coming into a really amazing opportunity to use my social work abroad. I was going to work in a kindergarten in Thailand! All I had to do was go and take a course on teaching English in Thailand and I would be all set! So Logan and I anticipated doing extra long distance for a year with him in Humboldt and me across the world.


Luckily for me, I got really sick and had to come home but it worked out for the best because I still took a year off and used my free time when I wasn’t working to go and cheer him on in Saskatchewan. We obviously didn’t know I would be coming home so I wrote Logan a series of Open When Letters to support our relationship while we were apart. It’s a super great project and Logan told me it made him feel a lot closer to me even though we were far apart.



All you have to do is either first think of a topic or write a letter and pick a topic for it go with. Here are some that I gave to Logan:


Open When you Get To Humboldt

Open When it’s your first game

Open If we fight and its your fault

Open If we fight and it’s my fault

Open when you really miss me

Open when you need a pick me up

Open when you have a great game

Open when you have a bad game


And then in addition to each letter, I would try to include something small in each letter like a picture, money for coffee, gift cards, candy. I also would give him a movie recommendation to watch based on the month. I wrote a letter for each month we were apart and then anything else I could think of that would bring him comfort.


It was really fun for me to get the letters back and see which ones he opened and which ones he didn’t. I love him and I miss him so much! I still write him letters and often read them to him at his gravesite. I would definitely recommend this project for anyone going away for a while. It doesn’t have to be to a partner, I know my mom would have appreciated letters too.