My Bucket List Year

Since losing Logan, I have done a lot of reflecting on my own life. Tomorrow is not guaranteed so I would think, if I died today would I be happy or at peace with my life and everything I have achieved? I thought the answer was yes but as I have experienced more and new things I don’t know that I would be. So I started making a Bucket List; a list of things I want to do before I die. It’s an ongoing, never ending list because sometimes I’ll experience something, I didn’t know I needed and I’ll add it to my list.

A big inspiration for me is The Buried Life. It’s a group of guys who made a bucket list and every time they achieved something on their list, they would help a totally stranger complete something of their own. They had a TV show and they have a book. Mariko is a big fan of them as well and I think she introduced Logan to them so he knew them as well and it was fun for us to think of doing something like them.

Here is some of bucket list:

✓Get a tattoo


✓Go snow tubing


Go swimming with sharks

✓Write a Blog

See Italy

✓Go to Hobbiton in New Zealand


Finish my degree

Get my masters

Go sky diving

✓Go snow shoeing


Get into a regular workout routine

Be happy and comfortable with my body

Travel first class

Perform a TEDTalk

Visit a wine vineyard

✓Gamble in Vegas

Learn how to surf in the ocean

✓Volunteer in a foreign country


✓Go white water rafting


Run the seawheeze half marathon

Document my grandpas stories before he dies

Ride in a hot air balloon

Go to Mardi Gras in New Orleans

Compete on a reality game show like fear factor or the amazing race

Go on a Cruise

Learn to love myself

Learn to sew

✓Learn how to snow board


Take a self defense class

✓Go kayaking

Fix my teeth

Help baby turtles get to the ocean

Read a minimum 12 non school related books in 12 months

✓See a Broadway show in New York City


Build a school

✓See the northern lights

✓Help someone find love


Win the lottery

Eat poutine in Montreal

See Canada’s east coast

Join a protest that I believe in

✓Go to the Calgary Stampede


See the Mona Lisa in person

See David in person

Go on an African Safari

Go to Harry Potter World in Florida

Go to Harry Potter World in London

Ride a gondola in venice

✓Go somewhere tropical

✓Swim in a cenotes

Ride a Ferry in Niagra Falls

✓Experience Disneyland

Experience Disney World

✓Visit old Havana in Cuba


Go to Dublin for St. Patricks Day

Visit the Palace of Versailles

Experience the Cherry Blossom Festival in Japan

✓Take a yoga class

Move out of my parents house

✓Live in a dorm


Own my own place and decorate it the way I want

Get Married

Have babies

Get my dream job

Take part in a murder mystery party

✓Live abroad


✓Be in two places at once

Go on a road trip

✓Get a drink from the first Starbucks


Ride a double decker bus in London

Cut down my own Christmas Tree

✓Dye my hair


Kiss under mistletoe

✓Eat pizza in New York


Eat pasta and gelato in Italy

Eat schnitzel in Germany

Visit Auschwitz

✓See the gum wall in Seattle


✓Graduate High School


✓Live on my own