Poems I Like

This week I feel like I was lazy and kind of cheated on this blog post. But I am the lazy girl so that’s allowed right? But I’ve tried writing poems because I think they are really nice and healing but I am pretty awful at it so here are two poems I found on pinterest, recently after the crash that I think about a lot! Hope you enjoy!


Silent Tears

-Unknown Author

Each day as evening starts to set

The ache builds in her chest

She knows that she must go to bed

And try to get some rest 

She hugs her tearstained pillow close

When no one is around

And cries for one she loved and lost

And screams without a sound 

Others see her in the day

And think she’s doing well

But everyday as evening sets

She enters her own hell 

Time hasn’t healed her pain at all

Or quieted her fears

So every night, alone in bed

She sheds those silent tears


This next one isn’t as sad.


Unknown Title

Unknown Author

I am sending you a dove to heaven,

With a parcel on its wings. 

Be careful when you open it,

It’s full of beautiful things. 

Inside are a million kisses,

Wrapped in a million hugs.

To say how much I miss you,

And send you all my love. 

I hold you close within my heart

And there you will reamin. 

To walk with me throughout my life,

Until we meet again.