An Open Letter to the Person Searching for Their Peace

To the person searching for their peace, 

I know it feels like your world is or has already fallen apart, your heart hurts and you question everything. You’re searching for something in yourself, something to give you peace. So here is my advice. Routine’s are great and can bring a lot of structure to your life, but don’t get stuck in one. Craving ice cream? Go get some. Life is too short not to eat the ice cream. Don’t look for someone else to fill that empty space because trust me, you are the only person can truly bring peace to your inner self.

The fact that you recognize that you need to find your peace is half of the battle. Congratulations, I’m proud of you. But now that you’ve started, you can’t give up. Find something to hold onto, to believe in. Whether it’s god, family, friends, and hopefully you can work up to believing in yourself. Be proud of where you’ve come from to get where you are.

Spend some quality time with yourself, travel, take a day without social media and think and reflect. I know it sounds cheesy but a soul journey only works if you allow yourself to take in your feelings and truly reflect on yourself.

I’m still looking for my peace but I’m putting myself first and accomplishing so many things I want to do that I was putting off because I was “too busy”. Try not too kep all your thoughts and feelings bottled up, even if you don’t share with someone else, write it down and get it out.

I hope you find what you’re looking for. Be patient, it might take awhile.


            The Lazy Girl