B is for Best Gift Ideas for Boys

This blog post has actually been requested by my friends! They always ask me about gift ideas especially when it comes to their boyfriends, brothers, or dads. I find personally that boys are usually harder to buy for than girls, maybe that’s just because I am a girl but I have 3 simple phrases that will help you for all future gift giving. This is based on experience and it hasn’t really failed me yet.

Bake Something

Make Something

Buy Something

The way to any guys heart is through his stomach and honestly baking something might be the best part of the gift. Bake something, literally anything. Cookies, banana bread, pie. A fan favourite are my homemade sugar cookies.

Making something is probably the most difficult part, you have to get a little creative. Take them on a scavenger hunt, make a picture frame, make a homemade card, plan a day trip, or take them on a picnic with your baked goods!

Buy something to tie it all together whether it’s a box of their favourite beer, cologne, a toque, but maybe don’t buy them a fish.. I did that for Logan once and it didn’t go over well, I was teased about it for years haha.

This three-step recipe has been pretty successful when it comes to gifts for guys! I hope it works for you as well as it has worked for me!

For Logan’s 21st I made him a beer tower of his favourite beers and some new ones to try. So I bought the beer, his favourite rum, and lottery tickets. I made the tower out of cardboard, stickers, and tinfoil. And lastly, I baked him my sugar cookies which were his favourite!