C is for Ciao!

Ciao means Hello in Italian and it’s probably the word I use the most here in Italy. I’m definitely over friendly, probably the Canadian in me.  Not only do you say Ciao to say hello but you say it to say goodbye too! Another greeting paired with this word is the cheek kiss. You touch your cheek to another person’s cheek and give a kiss.

It’s a custom I am not at all used to and most people use it when saying goodbye. But if they know you are American or Canadian they will just shake your hand but I mean if you are travelling in their country I think it’s the respectful thing to adopt some of their customs.

Here are some more helpful phrases that my host family has taught me:

Buongiorno – Good Morning

Buona note – Good Night

Arrivederci – Goodbye/See you Later

Grazie – Thank you

Prego – You’re Welcome

Scusa – Excuse Me/Sorry

Per Favore – Please

I’ve found the language is very similar to Spanish. I did take Spanish in high school so usually I can figure out what people are saying from the little I know, their body language, and tone of voice. They talk very fast which makes it difficult to decipher. When my host family teaches me new words, they said it’s important to say it with an Italian accent, I felt like I was mocking them but that’s how you properly pronounce the words.

It’s a wonderful language and I think many people would enjoy learning and saying phrases! Visit Italy if you can! It’s amazing!

Until Next Time,

The Lazy Girl