D is for DIY Frayed Jeans

I love a good DIY project. No, seriously. I LOVE Do It Yourself Projects. And I found one in Rome! The weather here has been pretty cold and rainy, still warm by Canadian standards but not warm enough for shorts everyday. Malls aren’t really a thing here because the streets are lined with shops and cute little boutiques. As I walk through the streets I noticed that a lot of the shops sell similar things and one of the most popular things I see in store windows and other women wearing are frayed jeans.

Honestly I really like it but the jeans are waayyy out of my price range for something I know I can do myself. So I went hunting for pair of jeans that actually fit and are inexpensive because this DIY project could go very wrong. I went to H&M and found a pair of jeans in my size for only $10! (thanks universe) I also got lucked out because the jeans were way too long for me which gave me lots of room for accidental error!

Now that the jeans were purchased, I scoured the internet for DIY hacks and things to do and not to do for fraying your own jeans. Turns out it’s pretty simple. You need to decide before hand how long you want the fringe to be. The first thing you do is cut the jeans, leaving the hem a bit longer than where you want it to sit so you know how much fray to leave room for. Also don’t free cut becuase that never ends well. Use chalk, or a white pencil crayon to draw your cutting line.

Step 1: Cut the denim. (if you want your fray to be 1 inch long, cut the jeans 1 inch longer than where you want the hem line to sit)

Depending how long you want the fray, depends on the amount of work you have to do. If you want baby fray, just cut it and throw it in the wash. It will do it itself. But if you want a longer fray you need something small and sharp (seam ripper, safety pin) and you are going to pull the seam out of the end of the jeans until you reach your desired length. After you wash them, they might fray a little more but they shouldn’t unravel themselves.

Step 2: Fray the Jean using a seam ripper or safety pin.

Step 3: Wash your new pants!

Step 4: Get all the compliments!

Enjoy DIYing! Until next time,

The Lazy Girl