My name is Jill Schrempf and I have had the incredible opportunity of capturing moments with people for 5 years now. My love for photography was not spurred on by an obsession for the technology behind cameras or photographs themselves, but rather it has been inspired by my very first job of being a little sister.

From the beginning, I have been fortunate enough to be part of a family that inspires and encourages creativity and a love for people. An entrepreneurial spirit was passed on to me from both my parents as well as the desire to create, learn and love, which was also instilled in me through my siblings. Many lessons on how to use a camera, courtesy of my big brother, and encouragement from my two big sisters moved me forward to eventually put myself out there and found myself a place I belong in every photo I take.

What originally started as shameless mimicking of my siblings, turned into a way of self-expression. In capturing the rawest and natural moments, I have found a medium that can show others the beauty they hold and can cherish.

So, with all that being said I am honoured to be a partner in this incredible project as it has such a huge impact on many people I love. The heart involved in the inspiration and creation of this project is resilient, beautiful and speaks with such honesty and in this way will touch many lives.